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We Welcome our New Pastor The Rev. Dr. André Morgan

The First Baptist Church of Wollaston is pleased to announce and welcome their new pastor, the Rev. Dr. André Morgan.


The Rev. Dr. André Morgan didn’t initially come to the First Baptist Church of Wollaston to be the pastor, but reflecting on it now, he saw that God had other plans in mind. “I simply came through pulpit supply for the month of August,” he said, describing how he accepted a call to help out at the church while they were going through the process of finding, interviewing and selecting a new pastor.  When asked what drew him to FBCW, he explains: “God did…The reception that I received…the community drew me…the warmth drew me…the spirit of the environment drew me. I also saw myself fitting in and becoming a partner [here].” He describes the series of events that led to him being approached and ultimately selected as their new pastor as “divine intervention” and is excited to be a part of what he describes as a “community of compassion.”


 Pastor André (which is his preferred moniker) has had a spiritual journey that has spanned continents, experiences, and pivotal life moments before his journey ultimately brought him to the First Baptist Church of Wollaston.  Growing up in Philadelphia (where he says he was “raised to really care about people”) served as the foundation to his spiritual journey followed by many important moments thereafter, including service work in Africa he completed during a global exchange program, working for the U.S. Department of State, and serving as a youth pastor for years in Houston, TX just to name a few.  Throughout all his experiences, there is a common thread: God was calling him to serve others throughout his life.  “God always showed up at interesting times in my life to really change the path that I was on and to really change my heart,” he shares. He credits each experience and adventure with helping him build the important skills he needed to serve and lead others including learning how to build teams, developing strategies and raising funds to support a cause in need. “As a pastor and leader of other pastors over the years, I’ve learned quite a bit…I’m developing even now… I’m so very grateful for what God has done for me and can truly say that I’ve been blessed,” he says.

 Pastor André enjoys his work and is looking forward to continuing it at the First Baptist Church of Wollaston.  “The most rewarding part of being a pastor is being able to see the impact you have on people and processes in the communities you serve,” he says.  When asked what he most wants people to know about him, he shared the following: “1. I love God first and foremost, 2. I care about God’s people, 3. I’m committed to serve.”  As he steps into his new role, he wants to help FBCW focus on making sure the community knows who they are and that they are there to help.  “We grow when others know,” he says.  “My vision is not that we will just grow and develop ministries, but that we will have a great impact on multi-varied communities.” He shares that the goal is “to build people so that we can have an impact in every space where we show up daily.”


The Rev. Dr. Morgan holds a Doctor of Education Leadership degree from Harvard University, a Doctor of Philosophy degree from American University, and degrees of Master of Teaching and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia.


An avid outdoorsman, the Rev. Dr. Morgan appreciates and engages in adventure sports.  He has jumped out of airplanes, swam with sharks, hiked trails during torrential downpours, and climbed a number of mountains.


As the world prepares to enter another year that will undoubtedly bring its own challenges, opportunities and blessings, Pastor André offers the following words of hope: “Ears haven’t heard and eyes haven’t seen what God has in store for those who love him.”


We invite the community to join us in welcoming him to the First Baptist Church of Wollaston.

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