Who We Are

We are an American Baptist congregation with a long tradition and an openness to modern ideas.

As a Christian fellowship, we strive to share the love of Christ; embracing and welcoming all who come seeking a salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our members value the freedom to read and practice scripture based on the Gospel of Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit and supported by the senior pastor.

Our church provides a traditional Sunday worship service with wonderful choir and music in the morning and a contemporary worship service and Bible class at 1 pm.

Our church provides additional Bible classes and activities on Sunday morning and Thursday evening. We also offer a Bible fellowship club at Quincy College campus on Thursday afternoon as an outreach ministry to the international students.

The active church member is currently about 100. Our demographic is balanced with older and younger families, including families with children who participate in Sunday School.

The Cornerstone Campus preschool is a weekday program operated through the church with a typical enrollment of about 70 students. The school is very successful and has a wonderful reputation.

The missions supported by First Baptist Church of Wollaston include regular contributions to TABCOM, support of local aid organizations, and support of the international missionary activity. Our church facilities are utilized by alcoholics anonymous, a domestic violence prevention program, the local DeMoulay chapter and the city government for meetings and events.

The Church administrative structure consists of a deaconate and functional committees. Church finances and building management are the responsibility of the Administration and Finance Committee. The 2017 treasurer’s report showed the church operating at a break even for the year.

The First Baptist Church of Wollaston was established in 1871 atop Wollaston Hill near Wollaston Station on Red Line in Quincy, Massachusetts. The stately, wood-framed church building with a cozy interior is a historical building located in a quiet, residential neighborhood populated with mature oak and maple trees lining the roadways.

The City of Quincy is a city of growth and opportunity and sits 7 miles south of Boston, with its eastern border consisting of scenic oceanfront beaches and bays. The historic “City of Presidents”, Quincy is the birthplace of John Adams.

Quincy is an urban community, serviced by both the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Red Line and Commuter train lines. The city population is about 94,000 and has grown about 6% in the past decade. There is a strong Asian community in Quincy, which accounts for about 26% of its residents.