Who We Are

We are an American Baptist congregation with a long tradition and an openness to modern ideas.

As a Christian fellowship we strive to provide an inclusive environment of love and caring; embracing and welcoming all who come seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Church membership is currently at 180 members, of which 111 are active. Membership has been trending slightly downward in recent years as we have attracted visitors but have not always been successful at retaining them.

Weekly attendance averages about 50 worshipers.

Our members value the freedom to read and interpret scripture, guided by the Holy Spirit and supported by our church family.

Our demographic is skewing older, so home and hospital visitations are important to our membership, and attracting younger families is a priority moving forward. We are a mostly Caucasian congregation with an engaged, growing minority membership.

We have families with children who participate in Sunday School, with an enrollment of 13 students last year.

The Cornerstone Campus preschool is a weekday program operated through the church with a typical enrollment of about 60 students. The school is very successful and has a wonderful reputation, but it has not resulted in growth in the congregation or the Sunday school program.

The missions supported by First Baptist Church of Wollaston include regular contributions to TABCOM, support of local aid organizations, and support of the international missionary activity. Our church facilities are utilized by alcoholics anonymous, a domestic violence prevention program, the local DeMoulay chapter and the city government for meetings and events.

The Church administrative structure consists of a deaconate and functional committees. The Pastor is invited to join the Deaconate during their monthly meeting to discuss and vote on high-level church activity. The Pastoral Relations Committee liaises between the pulpit and the and the congregation, and conducts a quarterly meeting with the Pastor.

Church nances and building management are the responsibility of the Administration and Finance Committee.

The 2014 treasurer’s report showed the church operating at a surplus for the year.

The First Baptist Church of Wollaston was established in 1871 atop Wollaston Hill in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The stately, wood-framed church building is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood populated with two-story, single-family houses and with mature oak and maple trees lining the roadways.

The city of Quincy sits 7 miles south of Boston, with its eastern border consisting of scenic oceanfront beaches and bays. The historic “City of Presidents”, Quincy is the birthplace of John Adams.

Quincy is an urban community, serviced by both the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Red Line and Commuter train lines. The city population is about 94,000 and has grown about 6% in the past decade. There is a strong Asian community in Quincy, which accounts for about 24% of its residents.

With the construction of new and modern high school and middle school facilities, and a downtown area undergoing a massive redevelopment, Quincy is a city of growth and opportunity.

First Baptist Church of Wollaston is a congregation in transition; with an interim pastor, an interim minister of music, and an ageing congregation that would like to see more new families and members.

There remains a solid, dedicated and active foundation upon which to build, and a sound structural and nancial infrastructure to provide support.

We are seeking a full-time pastor to lead our congregation; providing inspiration and guidance through sermon, sharing God’s love and comfort with those in need, and growing and nurturing our church family.