How Could We Be with Christ’s Resurrection?

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Wollaston,

Christ has risen!

We celebrate the holy week of Easter as Lent by welcoming Christ on Palm Sunday and having a somber week by meditating Christ’s suffering for us. Many Christians keep it as the time of humbling and becoming more spiritual by attending special services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Christ suffered and died on the cross to forgive our sins and affirm God’s unfailing love and mercy for the people who humble themselves by admitting their iniquities. Through Prophet Micah, God promised and proclaimed that He would forgive our sins and rebellious behaviors against the Lord by casting them into the deep sea. Praise the Lord!

If so, is it okay to continue to follow the trend of this world? No way! Hebrews 12:14 says, “Strive for peace with everyone, and the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” In other words, the Lord wants us to live a holy life not just during Lent but every day. To strive for the holy life, the Lord wants us to reject and dump Baal and Asherah into the deep sea.

Some people may challenge, “Who are Baal and Asherah?” They were gods in ancient Babylon and have been transformed as all kinds of man-made gods and trends in this generation. Satan decided to use a greater tactic, ‘trend’ as he realized that he failed to deceive people even if he nailed Christ on the cross because Christ has risen from death. Now, people don’t follow Christ anymore. Instead, they follow the trend because it satisfies their ego.

Now, people follow the trend, not Jesus Christ, because it is more attractive and more comfortable. Keeping Lent could be a trend too if we don’t have a humble and obedient heart. As Christ has risen from the dead, we are an entirely new person in Christ. Even if the trend of this world challenges our faith, we have to strive to live a holy life by practicing Agape-love among believers in Christ. It is the way to overcome the temptations and to stand firm on the hope of eternity in Christ.

Then, Agape-love makes us humble and able to forgive others. That is the beginning of the joyful life in Christ.  Let’s look upon Jesus who died and was resurrected to love us and gave us the way to His eternal home by extending our Christ-centered life above and beyond the time of Lent. I am sure our Lord would be pleased if we make time to be with the Lord wholeheartedly. This is the hope for eternity and the true meaning of Lent and Easter.

In Christ,
-Pastor David C.