Bell – April 2018

Truth of Resurrection

Have you heard that more than 150 people are frozen and kept in a special tube at 200 degrees below zero in the Alcor Life Extensions Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona? What happened to them? They had volunteered to be frozen so that they might return to life and live longer when the technology advanced enough to revive them.

Are there any possibilities? The scientists got the idea from Siberian salamanders which can walk off from the frozen soil when the ice melts. The soil usually is frozen for many years. The scientists studied and hoped to revive the frozen man, just like frozen salamanders, in the future. *1

2000 years ago, Christ died and was resurrected without freezing or any technological assistance. If we think of the fact of the life and death, Jesus and the frozen people look similar. But, they are far different because the frozen people want to extend their limited life in this world, while Christ was to give the eternal life to anyone who admits their unrighteousness and believes in Christ.

When Christ resurrected, He appeared to many of His disciples, including more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time. He chatted and ate with them just like He never died. He comforted and encouraged them with His compassion and love. Most of them were still alive in the first century which was the time when the New Testament was written.

As I read their stories, I was wondering how the disciples were so courageous while they were persecuted and martyred by the Romans. I believe it was possible because they met the resurrected Christ and had confidence that they would resurrect as Jesus. On top of that, they experienced the Holy Spirit and His power.

We, Christians, have inherited their faith. As the disciples testified their faith in Christ’s resurrection, we want to testify our faith in Christ. The Bible and the Holy Spirit assure us that the life in Him is the truth, which is the way to His Kingdom with the eternal life.

The resurrected Lord opens His arms toward us and welcomes us. “Come to me, My sheep! I will give you the eternal life which this world cannot afford. I love you and bless you abundantly! I will pour the Holy Spirit onto you so that you can overcome your weakness and troubles in this world. My power is greater than any gods in this world. I will be with you and strengthen you until the end of this world.” Amen.

Our Lord is alive and with us always as long as we believe. This is the truth and the life in Christ.
May the Lord bless you abundantly!!

-Pastor David C.


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